Focus on the “In Crowd”

(This post goes along with Leadership Level 3 - Team Leadership.)

     Despite all the great potential God has put inside of you, it’s not realistic to expect that everyone will accept you or your leadership. Sometimes this is due to your age or maybe the age of those around you. Or sometimes the issue could be cultural. At other times it could be that some folks are unhappy that the person you replaced left the scene and moved on in the first place. And for some, maybe you remind them of some irrelevant and negative person in their past. Is any of this stuff fair to you, the leader, and your sincere desire to lead people well? No, it’s not fair at all, but it can be reality sometimes.

     Don’t get discouraged in all this, because no matter how great the leader, there will always be those who won’t follow or get onboard. Reality dictates that there will always be a crowd that won't follow your leadership. Some will never get onboard with you, no matter hard you try with them, or no matter how much success you have, and that's ok. Not everyone is supposed to follow you. Other leaders may have to make those connections.

     But there’s good news! God always finds a way to send people who really do want to follow you. We could call this group your “in crowd” because they’re on your side! Some will get onboard with you immediately. Some will get onboard later after seeing some success in your leadership. Regardless, these people will let you lead them, and that’s a great season for a leader to be in. The key is to focus on these people because those are the ones who need and want what you have to offer. I encourage you today to spend your time and energy on those who let you lead. Don’t lose sleep over those who may never come around anyway. Allow God to help you give the right kind of leadership to those who are willing to follow, and then let the good things happen naturally.

Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.
–1 Corinthians 11:1 (ESV)